Atlanta DUI with Injury

DUI with Injury Charges in Atlanta
An individual can be charged with DUI with injury if they caused bodily injury to one more individual while driving drunk of alcohol or drugs. DUI with injury is billed as a felony offense in Florida and carries a variety of rough penalties.

DUI with Injury Penalties
Conviction for DUI with injury can bring about the complying with fines:

5 years in state prison
$ 5,000 in penalties
Lorry impoundment
Required alcohol education, assessment, and therapy
Certificate retraction
Mental examination
Felony rap sheet
If you are charged with the felony crime of DUI with injury, there is absolutely no doubt that you will need a skilled legal representative defending you at every phase of your situation.

Charged of a DUI with injury? We can aid.
If you have been charged with a DUI with injury, you will be dealing with severe repercussions. At Beckham Solis, Lawyer at Law, we have a group of extremely proficient lawyers who can do something about it to secure your rights and flexibility. With over 60 years of consolidated experience, we have experience in all of the most reliable techniques that can beat felony DUI charges.

We have numerous victories to our credit, and also subscriptions in several of one of the most distinguished lawful associations in the state. As a well-respected and also accomplished protection law office, we have the experience, knowledge as well as skills you will require in your corner in an instance of criminal allegations of a DUI with injury.

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